Victrix Roman Legionaries in 28mm... of new releases from Victrix

VXA025 Early Imperial Roman Legionaries - Advancing. Release date 19 March 2017.
•RRP £22.95

•28mm hard plastic figures.

•25 figure multi part figure set.

•Includes multiple arm and head options.

•Options to create Praetorian Guard.

•Command frame includes Centurion, Optio, Aquilifer, Vexilum and Cornicern.

•Extensive shield transfer range will be available from Little Big Men Studios.

Below are test shots of the command and legionary frame. One command frame and 5 legionary frames per set. Please note these are test shots and not production shots

We have received the first shot of the Early Imperial Roman Legionaries Advancing. The general consensus is this is the best set Victrix have produced so far.
The detail is incredible, from a technical perspective the fit and function is flawless and the incredible variety offered by numerous arm and head options will ensure your legions will look tremendous (stealing a Trumpism there).
Time was against us (as well as a low camera battery), however, a few models have been stuck together and photographed. Please note this represents only a small example of the variety you can create from this set.
This set will be released at Salute 2017 on Saturday 22 April 2017.

(All images courtesy of Victix)


Little Big Men Studios release first EIRL shield transfers

  • 6 sheets available with more to follow this week

  • 12 scutum, 1 standard bearer and 1 vexilum transfers per sheet

  • £4.00 per sheet

  • Praetorian Guard shield transfers to follow.