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Vikings in 28mm scale...

...a new release from Victrix
Victrix28mm_Vikings (2).JPG

A new set of injection moulded 28mm Vikings, 'Warriors of the Dark Ages'. This is a marvellous pack of figures, and I think excellent value for money.  There are 8 large sprues in the pack. Six of them hold the basic Viking foot soldiers, each sprue with 8 figures and a selection of different heads, arms, weapons and shields so there is plenty of opportunity to ring the changes across the figures as you assemble them. Then there are another two sprues, with the Command figures, with 6 figures on each and again a selection of heads, weapons and shields.  Which heads and arms go with which bodies are suggested in a set of notes on the back of the header card.

This 60 figure set of 28mm hard plastic Vikings has a myriad of additional parts allowing hundreds of options when building the figures.

This set costs £37.95 which is great value at just £0.63 pence per figure.

  • Included are 14 body options including chain mail, padded jackets, animal furs and unarmoured warriors.

  • There are 28 head options with helmets, fur hats, animal furs and bare heads. There is much facial hair on show with many platted beards. The heads really capture the fierceness of the Viking race.

  • Weapon options include swords, spears, axes and double handed axes plus a musicians arm with a Viking long horn. Other equipment are a T-bar banner holder, cloaks, animal furs, daggers, pouches, a variety of shields and sword scabbards.

  • This set is fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

My next job will be to get these painted...

Thanks to Victrix for the sample sprues.


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