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Wilder Aqualine Range...

...a new series of water based weathering colours by Adam Wilder, from The Airbrush Compoany

A new series of water based colours for weathering, which they rightly describe a 'reactivatable'.  What this means it that you can apply them as weathering effects over the base paintwork, let it dry, and then using a brush, or as I did a cotton bud, dampened with water, you can remove and thin the colour to produce the weathered effect.  The important advantage of this is that you can let it dry and if you are not happy with the results, either thin it again or apply some more and have another go.  Only once you are happy with the results is it good to seal it all with a matt varnish.

There are a useful variety of colours, but the one I tried out will I suspect be among the most popular, that of Winter White, ideal to replicated the worn effect of winter camouflage paint.  I used a 1/72 Panzer III from Dragon Models, painted in an overall panzer grey.  Apply the Aqualine white thickly all over the tank.  Then using a wet cotton bud, remove the white gradually, taking back to the panzer grey, thinning it as much (or as little) as you choose.  I am pleased with the end result.  For demonstration purposes I used a small scale model, but obviously this will work on any scale kit you wish.

The range of colours is available here in the UK from the importers,  The Airbrush Company



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