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Wilder Skin Tone Oils...

...5 new colours now in stock with The Airbrush Company, the UK importers

The Airbrush Company  are pleased to announce 5 New Wilder Skin Tone Oils.  These are now in stock.

AW-LS-41 Wilder Oils Light Rosy Skin Tone (20ml) SRP incl. VAT £3.90

AW-LS-43 Wilder Oils Pale Shadow Skin Tone (20ml) SRP incl. VAT £3.90

AW-LS-42 Wilder Oils Dark Rosy Skin Tone (20ml) SRP incl. VAT £3.90

AW-LS-44 Wilder Oils Sun Tan Skin Tone (20ml) SRP incl. VAT £3.90

The Wilder Skin Tone Oils are perfect for blending and mixing to create the perfect flesh colour on your models.

The Wilder Weathering Oils are:

  • Fast-drying to a completely matt finish

  • More liquid than traditional oils

  • Easier to apply

  • Designed especially for modellers


The plastic tubes are easy to squeeze and clean and prevent the oil from drying out. Many effects can be achieved using these Weathering Oils with a wide palette made especially for modellers.

AW-LS-45 Wilder Oils Light Tan Skin Tone (20ml) SRP incl. VAT £3.90

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