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Panzer II Ausf a1/a2/a3 in 1/72...

...the second issue of World at War magazine

Coupled with a magazine, 'The World at War', this is the second in this new series of 1/72 models, coupled with an associated magazine, a new joint venture between Guideline Publications and IBG.  They plan 10 issues a year.  Well priced, partly thanks to it being a print publication so attracts no VAT, meaning the kit that comes with it makes the whole package a very good deal for the modeller. The kit is nicely detailed, though one of what I describe as a simplified 'wargames' style model.  In recent years they are proving very successful in the marketplace.  This is the first small scale plastic kit of the early Ausf a1 that I can think of.

The Pz II Ausf a1/a2/a3 is particularly recognisable for rounded nose plate and  the suspension on the hull side plates which is quite different from common 5 wheel torsion bar suspension of the later variants.  It was armed with a 20mm main gun, and an MG34 alongside.  The magazine provides the details of this variant, including development and combat use and features of the hull, engine, armament etc.  The magazine is printed with dual language text, both English and German.  It also includes the assembly instructions for building the kit, rather than it being included either within the box as a separate sheet or being printed on the box itself.  Transfers are also included in the box.  

The kit is nicely detailed and assembles very quickly and neatly. The single piece track/running gear parts work well and it is great to have a plastic kit of the Ausf a1 now on the market.  I look forward to seeing what the follow-ups will be but this is looking good.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


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