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Diorama Textures from AK Interactive

Released at the end of 2016, AK Interactive have done a number of pots with Textures, mainly for use on diorama bases.  I have a few and am impressed as they seem easy to use going by my initial trials.  I have added the pdf with the details of their full list below.

I experimented with their 'Beach Sand', and this looks good.  Easy enough to apply with a spatula and then let it dry.  Others include a Transparent Water  Gel and that will be ideal to create pools of water on the sand, just as one example.  I like the idea of their Water Gels, as in addition to the Transparent one, there are others for Atlantic Blue and Pacific Blue, ideal for ships modellers in particular.  For ponds and waterways, they also have a Swamp Green.  The sheer variety of what they have come up with is very imaginative, and well executed.

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